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Hamsa Yoga Center

Located in downtown Lake Orion, Hamsa Yoga has been serving the Lake Orion and Oxford communities since 2007. As the owner of Hamsa Yoga, Alan is dedicated to sharing the authentic teachings of Yoga in a welcoming and joyful environment.

The Cardoner Institute

Named for the river by which St. Ignatius of Loyola had some of his most profound mystical experiences, Alan has been offering seminars through The Cardoner Institute that explore the relationship between contemplative practice, leadership,

and post-traumatic growth.

Ignatian Yoga

Ignatian Yoga is a collaborative ministry of Jesuits and lay people that integrates the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola and Yoga philosophy.  We uphold the uniqueness of both traditions and highlight the ways they can enrich each other. 

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