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South Rim of the Grand Canyon, 2016

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Synthesis Coaching


Scope of Practice: spiritual direction, life coaching, 

self-actualization, self-realization


"The stunning paradox of human spiritual maturity is that, as we become one with all creation, we also at the same time become completely and uniquely ourselves."

~Thomas Yeomans, PhD

Synthesis Coaching is an opportunity for individuals to consciously engage in the process of their own transformation.  It provides a safe atmosphere within which to hear one’s self with greater clarity, to see one’s self within a larger context, and then to move into the world with renewed courage, purpose and vision.  Synthesis Coaching harmonizes the personality and the Soul, psychology and spirituality, Eastern and Western wisdom traditions - all in the service of the full-flowering of the client's potential.


As a Synthesis Coach, Alan offers his clients the fruit of the last 20 years of his contemplative studies in spirituality, psychology and human development.

He draws upon a deep well of resources - including practices and perspectives culled from Ignatian Spirituality, Yoga Philosophy, and Psychosynthesis.   He tailors each session in order to cooperate and collaborate with the natural process of growth at work within the human soul.  He skillfully weaves together his training in both spiritual direction and professional coaching to support clients in building their life around an authentic center.  Alan blends these disciplines with a master’s degree in Religious Studies, which results in a deep appreciation for the vast nature of the Divine Mystery, as well as a profound reverence for the unique pattern of each individual soul.

You may find Synthesis Coaching life-giving if you:

  • want to navigate your life with a greater sense of purpose and meaning

  • are at a crossroads and are discerning your pathway forward

  • are seeking wholeness, integration, and personal growth

  • are interested in developing a customized spiritual practice

  • desire a safe environment to explore what is emerging in your spiritual life

  • are a yoga teacher or contemplative leader interested in on-going personal development

Alan typically works with clients in 5-session increments.  These 5-sessions are tailored to the specific goals and purposes of the client.  Each session lasts approximately one hour.  Sessions occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, based on your preference.   


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