“Deep within human beings is an innate drive to embrace and actualize the whole of who they are. Given proper nurture, a person develops with the power and direction of a growing seed, synthesizing emergent abilities, acquired skills, and life experiences into a whole, coherent expression of oneself in the world.”

~John Firman & Ann Gila

My Approach


The Sanskrit word for health and well-being (svasthya) means staying true (stha) to one's own self (sva).  As we pay attention to the stirring of what we deeply desire, having another person hear us with care and reverence can often facilitate personal and spiritual growth - allowing the pieces of our life to come together in a more generous and authentic way.

As a guide, I see my essential role as supporting others in restoring contact with their core self, and cultivating deeper trust in the unique blueprint implicit within their psyche.  Through expanded self-knowledge, clarification of purpose, and a gentle harmonization of discordant sub-personalities, these sessions provide an environment for individuals to consciously collaborate with the natural process of personal development.

60-minute Session

Due to COVID-19, all coaching sessions are currently being offered via Zoom or phone.


"Working with Alan as a psychosynthesis coach was truly an experience of deep personal growth. The process allowed me to gain deeper insight to my own wisdom and strength, while also providing me with the opportunity to sit with and explore the nuances of my experience. Alan approaches the coaching process with such grace and presence, and was
able to hold a safe space to explore both the challenging and the joyful. From this experience, I have gained concrete exercises to help bring clarity and certainty to my direction and choices, and a sense of openness and trust in my path and in myself. I would leave my sessions with Alan feeling grounded, more self-assured, and with greater confidence. Truly so grateful for Alan's wisdom, authenticity, and encouragement."

"I came to Alan because he was someone I always trusted and was completely comfortable with.  What was unique about our experience was that I had no idea what I was looking for or what I "needed" from our coaching sessions.  I just knew he was the coach I wanted to work with.  In our first session, we discussed purpose and I felt comfortable enough to share that I felt purposeful in many aspects of my life but still felt like there was something missing or perhaps there might be something bigger that I could not open up to on my own.  Alan helped create a comfortable space where I was able to open up to deeper clarity within myself to see my next big step with confidence in the final minutes of our last session. Many great break throughs happened along the way as Alan guided me through meditations and various sub personality work to further understand the blocks I was experiencing. Alan is truly gifted and has been such a blessing to me in my spiritual growth and development."

"I had the pleasure of experiencing the one-on-one coaching process with Alan. What I found was not just the outstanding teacher I already knew him to be, but a place of tender holding that made it comfortable to be completely myself. It was in that place I felt a confidence and freedom in exploring the elements of my own person that have served in this unfolding of my own calling. ... his manner of being is truly in service to those seeking to serve the Divine, and their divine calling."

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