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“Deep within human beings is an innate drive to embrace and actualize the whole of who they are. Given proper nurture, a person develops with the power and direction of a growing seed, synthesizing emergent abilities, acquired skills, and life experiences into a whole, coherent expression of oneself in the world.”

~John Firman & Ann Gila

My Approach


The Sanskrit word for health and well-being (svasthya) means staying true (stha) to one's own self (sva).  As we pay attention to the stirring of what we deeply desire, having another person hear us with care and reverence can often facilitate personal and spiritual growth - allowing the pieces of our life to come together in a more generous and authentic way.

As a guide, I see my essential role as supporting others in restoring contact with their core self, and cultivating deeper trust in the unique blueprint implicit within their psyche.  Through expanded self-knowledge, clarification of purpose, and a gentle harmonization of discordant sub-personalities, these sessions provide an environment for individuals to consciously collaborate with the natural process of personal development.


My practice is currently full.  For those who would like to be added to my waiting list, please email me here.

Due to COVID-19, all coaching sessions are currently being offered via Zoom or phone.

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