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“ work is formed at a place
where several rivers meet.”

~Greg Bogart, PhD

With graduate degrees in both Religious Studies and Social Work, Alan has spent over 20 years immersed in the study of various theories of human development.  His work takes place at the nexus between psychology and spirituality - with a special interest in how religion and spiritual practice can support recovery from PTSD and moral injury. 

In addition to training as a trauma therapist, Alan has received extensive training in various psychological and spiritual traditions including:

  • Didactic Psychosynthesis training with Thomas Yeomans, PhD

  • Ignatian Spirituality with Fr. Bernie Owens, SJ, Fr. Justin Kelly, SJ, and Ann Dillon

  • Hatha-Rāja Yoga with Sri Dharma Mittra

  • Bhakti Yoga and Śuddhādvaita Vedānta with Shyamdas

  • Jñāna Yoga and Advaita Vedānta with John Grimes, PhD


Alan's courses, seminars and workshops are suffused with a deep appreciation for the world's wisdom traditions; joyfully drawing upon a host of stories, anecdotes and teachings to illustrate shared themes of growth and transformation.  He lives in Rochester, Michigan.

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